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Mo Rocca [He's a Good Thing] :: The most popular fan site I've ever had. I have over 100 images and over 500 screencaptures with over 150,000 views, and I run the Livejournal community Casa de Rocca. The site became abandoned after losing the ability to make screencaps, but it still functions as an often visited archive of sorts.

Hideaway :: It isn't one of the most well known Erasure sites online, which is funny considering that it's one of the oldest and has the largest collection of images *cough*popularity contest*cough*. The gallery is the highlight of the site, containing 140+ images and nearly 300 screencaps [with 2000 views, so sad]. Other unique content includes avatars, wallpaper, and hangman.

I think there's officially too many to list here now. They are all listed under Exits/My Listings.

Spiralling :: My personal journal. It's friends-only, which I know is annoying but my brother keeps "accidently" stumbling upon it [*cough*suuure*cough*... :)] and I just like having it semi-private. I do add anyone who wants to be added though, so feel free and stuff. Most entries are crossposted to, but sometimes there's an occasional entry that isn't.

Casa de Rocca :: Started in October '03, me and the other creator hoped for maybe 30 members who dug Mo Rocca and felt like talking about him every once in a while. It now has 300+ members, it brought tons of people together and even spawned friendships among the members. Awww, warm fuzzies.

Stargarden :: A closed community that I post my photoshop goodies in. 100x100 brushes, mostly. Pretty much dead. I suck.

Synth Icons :: I had some Erasure and Pet Shop Boys icons, so I decided to make a community to post them in :) I really hope others join and make some too...

Visage XMB : My beautiful little message board... feel free to jump right in, we love new meat :D [also now pretty much dead. I really suck]

/Comedy : For about 6 months I wrote about my "adventures" in rediscovering comedy in this weblog. I mostly blogged about TV and Mr Rocca, but it also has my beloved ten year old autograph collection and Ghosts of Comedy Central Past, a section devoted to screencaps and memories of Comedy Central shows that ran in or around 1993-1996. [Will be back eventually]