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Kris, formerly known as Zoe, Zodiacia, and Arazyre. 24 years old, from Alameda CA and currently in Pittsburg CA [but someday, I will call Oregon home]. I'm a sometimes-cake decorator.

I met my husband on a message board in February '02, and I admired him from afar [439 miles] until we got together on July 2 2004. We were married on October 22, 2005. On August 1, 2001 I said, "I need to find a nice synthpop boy who will take me to concerts and parks," and now that the void has been filled for over a year, I'm complete.

I listen to Erasure, Depeche Mode, Cosmicity, Iris, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran... synthpop, disco, italo disco, freestyle, new wave. Basically, I like blips, bleeps and bloops. :)

I watch CSI [and occasionally its children in Miami and New York], Without A Trace, Cold Case, Law & Order SVU, Love Monkey, Kids in the Hall, Strangers With Candy, Upright Citizens Brigade, Mr. Show, Family Guy, and far too much VH1 Classic. How too much? I jump for joy when "Boogie Nights" by Heatwave comes on. Even before I look at the TV. Even before the music starts. I just know.

Random: I love cooking, meat, cheese, San Francisco, Canada, Unico, the '80s, Forensics, German and Southern accents, Oakland A's, and Dr Pepper. Anti PETA, pro choice, pro gay marriage, pro Martha Stewart. I am a blue eyed freckle faced spazz who eats too many sandwiches, drinks too much Dr Pepper, spends too much time playing Sim Cityand/or Zelda, and spends too much time daydreaming. I get migraines twice a month, I love watching and reading debates, I am a Firefox snob, I'm pro choice, I hate hot weather [80°+... I'm a pansy], my eyes always hurt but my vision is perfect, people say I have cute feet, I have a Depeche Mode tattoo, I voted for Kerry, I have one of those Ikea fetishes, I also have a fetish for office supplies, I have intracranial hypertention, I make a horrible blond, I always check behind doors and inside closets when I enter a room, and I think making completely random lists aboot myself is fun.

My humble Visage was registered January 1, 2000, simply because I thought that would be an awesome birthday for my first domain. Little did I realise, I bought the name from Australia, where it was already January 2nd, and my whois and domain details page have loved to remind and taunt me ever since.

Visage went from a hosting domain to an art portfolio to a blog, and it'll definitely stay a blog. It took me almost four years to find my own style. I had to try a little of everything, which involved following every damn trend that came and went in the different eras of my internet past. I saw all the teen domains, cliquey message boards, pretentious artists, blogger, goths, Rose McGowan layouts, made up characters, ~*~you*me*www~*~, fake models, copiers, debates, cliques, rings, guestbooks, popups, girl goddesses... I may not have been a big part of it, but I was there, tagging along, lurking, and I was loving it :)

Interested in seeing where I've been? I have the majority of my different sites layouts since 2000 archived, mostly for my own amusement, but I figured there's a good hundred people scattered across the planet that could look through the lists and remember me, or at least remember those days :)
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