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They found sea men in her stomach.
April 12, 2016 • DailyComments (0)
On this day in 2004

Juan has a colonoscopy in the next few days. I do hope it goes well :) [my voice mail greeting is the speak and spell voice saying my phone number while I was drinking my coffee using the best single serve coffee maker. If I wasn't afraid of leaving my own message, I'd change it to something like, "Hi... um, I just got this phone number and whoever you're trying to reach is probably not me. My dad's name is Bob. Um, sorry, bye bye."]


On my birthday a few weeks ago, Dan and his mom drove to like every store in southern California looking for Sea Monkeys. We had talked about them when we saw them on I Love Toys. [They never found them, so they got me a troll and this picture* :D A few days later we found a kit at Target.]

Like most other children of the 80's and '70s, I've attempted to witness the miracle of Sea Monkeys a few times in my life. Insisting on doing it all myself when I was maybe 7, I didn't get a single Sea Monkey. So like most other children of the 80's and 70's, I thought Sea Monkeys were bullshit.

A few days ago I opened up my kit and followed the directions perfectly, and now I have the CUTEST SEA MONKEYS EVER. I love watching them swim around - oh my god, I am such a NERD.

* - How cool is that picture? Seriously? I love that man.

My father, Juan
April 07, 2006 • DailyComments (0)
On this day in 2005 2002

Dan hooked me up on his phone plan and got me a new phone a few weeks ago, and all of a sudden I'm getting calls for the person who used to have my number, from doctors, regarding my father, Juan... hehe :)

While we were in Southern California last week, Dan traded in his XB and got a gorgeous Mazda 5 in the preeeeeettiest color [a silvery greenish blueish silverish *sigh*] This means that he must know everything there is to know about this car, and he was up until 5 last night learning.

"Hey, you know why haven't been seeing them on dealership lots?"
"Because they just started selling them again in Feburary."
"There was a recall."
"They were catching on fire."
"And we have the feature that was catching on fire! But if you think about it, it was the customer's fault. Usually."

He's so cute. Apparently 1,100 cars caught on fire due to booboos with the shifter. Heh. Mazda recalled them, and for three months gave out Mazda 6 loaners, AND for their troubles, customers were given 2 gig ipods, $500, and got their CD players upgraded to MP3. Daaaayam. Someone is pretty good to their customers. Too bad we missed all of that by like five months. Although we might have been one of the 1,100 unlucky ones to go Zoom Zoom Boom.

He's so helpful
March 28, 2006 • DailyComments (0)
On this day in 2004 2002

Dan's 3 year old nephew handed me a $5 bill in play money today. I asked what should I buy with it, and he said I could get a new bra.

He watches too much TV.

ThE mOnStEr PiErCeR [aaaaauuuuughhhh!]
March 21, 2006 • ReminiscingComments (5)
On this day in 2002

"I haven't logged into Livejournal in so long I forgot my username for a second."
"You forgot your uterus?"
"My username. My uterus is with me always."

I first got my ears pierced when I was four, I think at JC Penny's. I got my ears did, then my mom got a haircut while I played with the piercer's little son in the waiting area. He had dozens of these tiny robot toys with magnets on their feet, and we were sticking them to the metal chairs and having ever so much fun... until I broke one. I pulled one of the robots off the chair, and the metal broke off the feet and remained on the chair. I yanked them off, and hid the wounded robot in a plant, SO afraid of making them mad.

That night I had the first of quite a few dreams where the boy's mother was after me for breaking her son's toy. I remember seeing her morph from a smiling permed blond to a big red monster with fire coming out of her head, saying, "YOOOU BROOOKE HIS ROBOTTTT" in a voice I'd imagine Satan having. I was only 4, and these dreams had me scared shitless. Natually... I eventually forgot all about it.

When my ears should have been healed, we took out the earrings to wash my ears and couldn't get them back in [even back in '85 that my ears weren't normal]. So I had to get them repierced. I didn't have the nerve until I was 7. I didn't realise we were getting them done at the same place until my mom recognised my piercer as the same one that did me three years earlier. It all came rushing back, and I tried to be nice to the woman even though I knew she wanted to kill me. I waited for her to turn red as I sat down, as she marked my ears, and she SHOT me with the piercing GUN [I was so scared she was going to aim it at my chest and shoot a little blue earring into my little heart]. She probably commented to my mom how much more scared I was this time. I was so brave when I was four, but that was before I ever had visions of FLAMES coming out of her HEAD and Satan's voice booming out of her.

A few weeks later... the holes closed again. I waited until after we moved when I was 9 to get them done again.

I've decided the piercer put a hex on my ears. All I want to do is have them stretched to nice little 8 gauge holes, but my lobes are so unhappy with the decision. Please, if Dan can stretch his to 5/8 inch, I can have mine stretched to 3mm. Bitches.

His goal is to get me to 0... I dunno about that :) I think I like 4. We'll see.

Please forgive the sticky caps, I don't know why I thought they were necessary.